重庆时时彩软件安卓版: 【每日一练】2017考研英语模拟试题及答案解析(11.2)

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黄金时时彩全能计划王 www.mkk0l.cn   为了帮助考生备考2017年在职考研,新阳光教育考研网特意推出了2017在职考研模拟试题每日一练,供大家备考练习,如下。


  Directions:Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

  There is growing interest in East Japan Railway Co. ltd, one of the six companies, created out of the privatized national railway system. In an industry lacking exciting growth __l__, its plan to use real-estate assets in and around train stations__2__is drawing interest.

  In a plan called "Station Renaissance" that it__3__in November, JR East said that it would__4__using its commercial spaces for shops and restaurants, extending them to__5__more suitable for the information age. It wants train stations as pick-up__6__for such goods as books, flowers and groceries__7__over the Internet. In a country where city__8__depend heavily on trains__9__commuting, about 16 million people a day go to its train stations anyway, the company __10__. So, picking up commodities at train stations__11__consumers extra travel and missed home deliveries. JR East already has been using its station__12__stores for this purpose, but it plans to create__13__spaces for the delivery of Internet goods.

  The company also plans to introduce __14__cards-known in Japan as IC cards because they use integrated circuit for__15__information__16__ train tickets and commuter passes__17__the magnetic ones used today,integrating them into a/an __18__pass. This will save the company money, because__19__for IC cards are much less expensive than magnetic systems. Increased use of IC cards should also__20__the space needed for ticketvending.

  1. [A] perspectives [B] outlooks [C] prospects [D] spectacles

  2. [A] creatively [B] originally [C] authentically [D] initially

  3. [A] displayed  [B] demonstrated [C] embarked [D] unveiled

  4. [A] go beyond [B] set out [C] come around [D] spread over

  5. [A] applications [B] enterprises [C] functions [D]performances

  6. [A] districts [B] vicinities [C] resorts [D] locations

  7. [A] acquired [B] purchased [C] presided [D] attained

  8. [A] lodgers [B] tenants [C] dwellers [D] boarders

  9. [A] for [B] in [C] of [D] as

  10. [A] figures [B] exhibits [C] convinces [D] speculates

  11. [A] deprives [B] retrieves [C] spares [D] exempts

  12. [A] conjunction [B] convenience [C] department  [D] ornament

  13. [A] delegated [B] designated [C] devoted [D] dedicated

  14. [A] clever [B] smart [C] ingenious [D] intelligent

  15. [A] checking [B] gathering  [C] holding [D] accommodating

  16. [A] as [B] for [C] with [D] of

  17. [A] but for [B] as well as [C] instead of [D] more than

  18. [A] unique  [B] single  [C] unitary  [D] only

  19. [A] devices [B] instruments [C] readers [D] examiners

  20. [A] reduce  [B] narrow [C] dwarf [D] shrink


  1.[C] 本题考查名词的词义辨析??崭翊μ钊氲拿视?growth 搭配,由上下文语义可知,此处表达的含义是"铁路业没有令人振奋的发展前景",Prospect"景色,前景,期望"指的是 possibility of advancement orsuccess。所以[C]项正确。perspective 做可数名词时多指 viewpoint(态度,观点),如 You have the wrongperspective on this situation(对于那个情势的未来发展,你的看法是错的)。outlook 用作"前景"讲时用单数形式,如 the outlook for economic growth(经济发展的前景)。spectacle"景象,奇观,场面,眼镜",如 A quarrelbetween drunken women is an unpleasant spectacle(喝醉酒的女人吵架是个丑恶的场面)。

  2. [A] 本题考查通过上下文选择适当的副词的能力??崭翊Φ母贝市奘蔚亩魇?use real-estate assets in andaround train stations(利用车站内部及周围的房地产)。由上下文可知,该举动是有创造性的,所以才会引起人们的关注,因此[A]项 creatively"创造性地"正确。originally"最初,原先 ,新颖地",如 The apartmentwas decorated quite originally(这套公寓装饰的十分别致);authentically"确实地,真正地,逼真地",其形容词形式为 authentic,如 DiMaggio was an authentic folk hero(迪马乔是一位真正的民间英雄);initially"最初,开头",如 His response was initially adamant(他的反应开始很强硬)。

  3.[D] 本题考查动词词义的辨析。由语法知识可知,空格前的 it 指代的是主语 JR East(东日本铁路),所填动词表示的是该公司对"Station Renaissance"这一计划发出的动作。[C]项 embarked"着手,从事"是不及物动词,常用于 embark on/upon sth.,如 He has embarked on a new career(他开始了一种新的职业生涯),embark on a new plan 意为"着手一项新的计划"。[A]项 displayed 指把物品展示给人们看, display a plan意为"展示一张设计图"; [B]项 demonstrated"示范,证明"与 plan 搭配,指通过具体演示来说明计划的可行性,均不符合文意。[D]项 unveiled"揭露,公布"正确,原文意为:东日本铁路有限公司在 11 月份公布的"车站复兴"计划中说……。

  4.[A] 本题考查动词短语的辨析??崭翊μ钊氲亩识逃镉?using its commercial spaces for shops andrestaurants 搭配,应符合文意。首先[B]、[C]两项的用法分别为 set out to do sth."打算、试图做某事",如 He failed in what he had set out to do(他没有做到自己原来想做的事);come around to sth."平息,苏醒,改变观点、立场",如 It will take him a while to come around to the idea(他需要时间来接受这个观点),可排除。[D]项指时间上的扩展,如 The economic unrest spread over several years(经济的动荡不安延续了数年之久),不符合文意。[A]项 go beyond"不止,超出"与状语 extending them to 呼应,意为"不仅把它的商业空地用于开商店和餐馆,而且还……"。

  5.[C] 本题考查名词词义的辨析??崭翊μ钊氲拿食涞?extending them to 结构中的介词宾语,其中extend...to...意为"扩展……用于……",them 指上文中的 its commercial spaces(东日本铁路的商业空地)。因此,所填的名词应与前文一致,表达这些空地的用处或功能,应与 use 的名词形式 usage 属同一范畴。 [A]、[C]项都有"使用"的意思,但 application 常与"科技成果、理论、法规"等搭配,强调它们的实际应用,一般不与 spaces 搭配,如 The new invention would have a wide range of applications in industry(这项新发明会在工业上获得广泛应用),[C]项 functions"功能,作用"正确,即"还要把这些商业空地用于更加适应信息时代的功能上"。enterprise"企业,事业

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